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Junior Licensed Pull Back Vehicles

These cool 2.75 and 3.5" stylized pull back vehicles are

perfect for preschoolers and are made of sturdy plastic,

just the right size for small hands.

Play for hours of fun and collect them all!

Age 3+

Unknown Track
Junior-Launcher Image.1-Web.png
Junior-Launcher Image.2-Web.png
Jr Launch Logo-Web.png
PB Action_Web.png
JR_2.75Inch PB MUSTANG GT.png

Chevrolet® Camaro®

Chevrolet® Silverado™ 1500

JR_2.75Inch PB SILVERADO.png
JR_2.75Inch PB Camaro.png

1963 Corvette Stingray

27535_2.75 FORD-GM 6PC_PB Vehicle Set_Pk

Junior Ford and Chevrolet®
2.75" Pull Back Vehicles

6 Pack

Item #27535

Junior Ford
2.75" Pull Back Vehicles

3 Pack

Item #27528

Junior Chevrolet®
2.75" Pull Back Vehicles

3 Pack

Item #27628

JR_2.75Inch PB 63 Corvette.png

Ford Mustang GT

JR_2.75Inch PB Ford f-150.png

Ford F-150

JR_2.75Inch PB Ford GT.png

Ford GT40

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